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MILLIØNS is named 2019 top 50 interior architect by the Architect’s Newspaper.

Jack Erwin Flagship store featured in Dezeen and SightUnseen’s interior Saturday selects.

MILLIØNS is winner of the 2018 AN award in the interior category.

MILLIØNS, one of six emerging designers to watch for, featured in A/N Architects Newspaper.

MILLIØNS speculative proposal on the "Future of LA" featured on Flaunt.

MILLIØNS "Bathing, Again" on Artsy.

MILLIØNS "Bathing, Again" featured in Metropolis, PIN UPArchpaperWallpaper, CurbedArchitectural Digest and Designboom1stdibs.

MILLIØNS profiled in Archinect's first Small Studio Snapshots.

MILLIØNS "Beirut Rooftop" featured in Designboom.

Zeina Koreitem along with Dan Wood of WorkAC and James Leng is an invited juror for the 2019 AIA Unbuilt Design Awards.

Zeina Koreitem is recipient of the Young Distinguished Alumni award presented by the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the American University of Beirut.

Koreitem will present MILLIØNS recent work.

MILLIØNS will present their work at Le Laboratoire, Cambridge, 6pm.

2019.03.18 - 2019.04.22
Projectors will be exhibited in
DRAWING CODES: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation at the University of Virginia, School of Architecture, Charlottesville.

2019.01.22 - 2019.02.23
will be exhibited in DRAWING CODES: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation at at the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Gallery, The Cooper Union / Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, New York.

MILLIØNS is winner of the 2018 AN award in the interior category.

Zeina Koreitem will present “Projectors” as part of Thesis Now a symposium at the Cooper Union. Frederick P. Rose Auditorium at 9:30am.

/Dubai Design Week/
Zeina Koreitem will present MILLIØNS work at Al Serkal Avenue as part of Dubai Design Week. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion as part of the event “Wishful Tropics”.
Location: Majlis area, Alserkal  Avenue, Dubai @ 5pm.

MILLIØNS, one of six emerging designers to watch for, featured in A/N Architects Newspaper.

Bruno Latour, Peter Galison, John May and Orit Halpern, a conversation on Environ-mentalisms.
Stubbins, GSD, 3-5pm.


MILLIØNS and designers whose work is featured in the Yale School of Architecture exhibition “Adjacencies” will discuss current topics in architecture with curator Nate Hume. 6:30 pm, Yale Architecture Gallery, 2nd Floor, Rudolph Hall.


"Computational Color", a conversation between historian Carolyn Kane and Zeina Koreitem (MILLIØNS), published in Project 7.

MILLIØNS Bathing, Again furniture set wins an honorable mention in the Architects Newspaper Best of Product Awards 2018

2018.08.31 - 2018.11.15
MILLIØNS to participate in group show "Adjacencies" curated by Nate Hume at the Yale Architecture Gallery, featuring the work of MOS, LADG and FirstOffice.

MILLIØNS commissioned by Flaunt Magazine to imagine the Future of Los Angeles for the 20th anniversary issue, Flaunt Magazine 161.

John May participates in the closing discussion of “Rendering”, a conference organized by the department VES, Harvard University with Lucia Allais (Princeton) and Jacob Gaboury (UC Berkeley). Carpenter Center at 5:30pm.

MILLIØNS has been awarded a Graham foundation grant for the exhibition "Under Present Conditions" (2019). 

Zeina Koreitem will present MILLIØNS work in a public talk at SCI-Arc moderated by Marikka Trotter.
1:00pm, Room 160.

2018.02.23 - 2018.05.05
"The Collectives, 00:10:47:01" video will be exhibited at the Yale School of Architecture as part of The Drawing Show curated by Dora Epstein Jones.

Zeina Koreitem will present MILLIØNS work as part of the "Becoming Digital" conference at University of Michigan, Taubman College.

MILLIØNS to participate in group show "Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech" at the Druker Design Gallery, Harvard Graduate School of Design curated by Andrew Holder and K. Michael Hays. MILLIØNS models and drawings on display include: Rooftop, Collectives I, II, Bust. 

2018.01.18 - 2018.04.17
MILLIØNS commissioned to design a furniture set for "No-Thing: an exploration into aporetic architectural furniture" curated by Chamber NYC. The show will open in tandem with "Inside The Walls: Architects Design" at Friedman Benda Gallery.

2017.09.29 - 2017.10.02
/Lecture and Workshop/

MILLIØNS will lead the first "Becoming Digitalworkshop at University of Michigan, Taubman College.

John May, "Everything Is Already an Image" published in Log 40.

John May to present recent work and writing at Princeton SOA.

Zeina Koreitem talks about "Image Tectonics & Moving Images" in “Emerging Issues in Architectural Representation”, a public talk at Harvard GSD moderated by K. Michael Hays.
11:30am Stubbins.

John May talks about Post-Orthography with Lucia Allais in NEWISH MEDIA, a public talk at Harvard GSD moderated by Catherine Ingraham.
2:00pm Piper Auditorium.

MILLIØNS "Collectivity After Program" is published in a+t's Interior Matters.

MILLIØNS "The Temperamental Interior" is published in Harvard Design Magazine.

Zeina Koreitem participates in the "Drawing Show" conversation at the A+D Museum, Los Angeles.

Zeina Koreitem and John May talk about their recent projects at Harvard GSD, 6:30pm.

2016.10.14 - 2017.01.08
/A+D Museum, Los Angeles/
MILLIØNS is invited to participate in a group exhibition "The Drawing Show" curated by Dora Epstein Jones. Video on display: "The Collectives, 00:10:47:01".

/Los Angeles Museum Of Geography/
MILLIØNS is selected as designer for a series of exhibitions organized and curated by the new Los Angeles Museum of Geography. First exhibition designed by MILLIØNS opens on October 21st at 2426 SET, 7pm.

Zeina Koreitem presents MILLIØNS recent work at the USC School of Architecture.

John May in conversation with Hilary Sample (MOS Architects) at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

2016.04.22 - 2016.06.01
/Exhibition, GSD-Harvard/
MILLIØNS' "The Collectives II: Collectivity After Program" is exhibited in Interior Matters at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

2015. 08. 13 - 2015. 09. 12
/Exhibition, Storefront, NYC/
MILLIØNS is part of 'MEASURE’. Curated by Eva Franch at the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

2015.08.29 - 2015.10.31
/Exhibition, Los Angeles/
BUST, guest-curated by William O’Brien Jr., @ Jai&Jai Gallery, LA. [link]
Invited contributors include: MILLIØNS, MOS, SO-IL, Bureau Spectacular, First Office, WOJR, Pita & Bloom.

John May, "Field Notes from The Instruments Project" (JAE). 


MILLIØNS New Massings for New Masses (MIT SA+P Press).

/Lecture & conference/
The Instruments Project: The Princeton Conversations
, 9am-6pm, Betts Auditorium. [link]

2014.09.15 + 09.29
John May presents two lectures on Design Mechanology at UPenn School of Architecture.

2014.05.15 – 2014.08.15

MILLIØNS "New Massings for New Masses", Keller Gallery, MIT School of Architecture and Planning. [link]

John May, "Under Present Conditions Our Dullness Will Intensify" (PROJECT: A Journal for Architecture, No. 3).

/Lecture & Symposium/
Does Drawing Have a Future?, MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

John May presents "Why Write?" at Harvard GSD.


"Architecture and Statistical Life", Syracuse University School of Architecture. [link]

"Architecture and Statistical Life", Princeton University School of Architecture. [link]

"Neonaturalism," Aggregate History Collaborative conference, University of Toronto. [link]


"The Decay of the So-Called World," Rice University Center for Critical and Cultural Theory.

"Recent Work," USC School of Architecture.[link]


"In the Aftermath of Modernity's Nature, A Conversation with John J. May, The New City Reader, No. 7". [link]

National Endowment for the Humanities Visiting Professorship, Rice University Humanities Research Center.[link]


"Crisis and Anticrisis", Clarence Ward Memorial Lecture, Oberlin College.

"The Anticrisis", Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. [link]


"If We Wake Up to Find We Have Been Too Well-Trained" (followed by panel discussion "On the Operativity of Theory and History," with Antoine Picon and K. Michael Hays), Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. [link]

"Recent Work", John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto. [link]

"Infrastructuralism ...or, The Pathology of the Negative Externality," published in Quaderns No. 262. [link]


"One Continuous Lie," Rice University Humanities Research Center Emerging Disciplines symposia. [link]

"One Continuous Lie," Fourth Natures: Mediated Landscapes Symposium, University of Waterloo School of Architecture.

"Image-Data," cityLAB "Just Add Urbanism" Symposium, Perloff Hall, UCLA AU+D.

"Representation and Intervention," Rice School of Architecture.


"Representation and Intervention," Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design, University of Toronto.


"Against Sustainability," University of Southern California School of Architecture.

"The Logic of the Managerial Surface," Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.

"Against Sustainability," published in Jan/Feb 2010 issue of ID Magazine.


"The Becoming-Energetic of Landscape," published in New GeographiesNo. 2 (Harvard Press).

"Ars Synthetica; Control and Consilience," LA Forum. [link]

"The Site Automatic," LA Forum. [link]

"Against Sustainability," LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. [link]

"John May at the LA Forum", Christopher Hawthorne "Fall Architecture Preview," Los Angeles Times, pg. E25. [link]