© Ned Castle  Furniture set commissioned by  Friedman Benda gallery  in NYC and curated by  Chamber Gallery .   "No-Thing"  opened on January 18, 2018 in parallel with the exhibition " Inside The Walls: Architects Design ".   Bathing, Again , 2018 Sink (3D silica sand print and brushed brass) 36 x 30 inches (dia.) 91.5 x 76 cm (dia.) Floor tiles (fiberglass reinforced white concrete) 6 x 84 x 14.5 inches 15 x 213.5 x 37 cm Edition of 3, 2AP
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Beirut Rooftop (Section,-90° X-Axis Rotation)
Collectives I
Projectors I
The Collectives 00:10:47:01
Los Angeles Museum of Geography
New Massings For New Masses
Projectors II
Collectives II: After Program